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Dec 25 15 10:44 PM

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North american black bear american Black bears can range sizes of 200 pounds to 600 pounds but larger sizes are not uncommon to see as their can be bigger north american black bears bigger than 600 pounds but it depends in enviroment and food source also theres information of a 250 pound black bear moving a 310 or 350 pound rock with ease and another information about a black bear destroying a small flying vehicle similiar size of a car that shows that the 2 or 2.5 inch claws of a north american black bear is not defenceless also a north american black bear has been seen to hunt to little but has seen hunting moose calfs and old moose,adult male and female deer, and a black bears killing cubs and eating them so it shows they can be sometimes predator like but are omnivores mostly eating plants and bugs but it shows its not defenseless but can be easily and mostly scared by other animals as north american black bear prefers to avoid fights like cougars,coyotes and big and small animals like dogs,cats,and domisticated cows but I have seen north american black bears fighting each other and it demonstrates that they can be dangerous if cornered, I have seen a decomentary of a adult female cougar trying to attack or kill a 1 or 2 year old american black bear cub but when the cub had been cornered the cub had attacked the cougar by attacking by scratching with swiping with its paws and slamming the body to the ground and and intimidating the cougar by standing up and repeating the same movement that bears use to intimidated each other and thats the behavior of a north american black bear when its angry,scared,intimidated and I formation about a american black bears bite force is 700 or 800 of bite force and also the 3 or 3.5 inch canine teeth are gonna be able to penetrate the skin.  


African lion

[size=75][size=150]I don't Know a lot about lions but if I am wrong please someone correct me with being rude

the african lion is the second biggest .feline in the world. big males do not hunt but are the biggest and strongest of the pride of lions, it has recorded that a lone male lion can kill a buffalo alone and can kill multiply hyenas of its own and also the weight of a male lion in its prime its 400 and can exceed to 550 pounds mostly of the weight is muscle, in the wild in captivity lions can be bigger than 600 pounds but those lions are so obese its body its slower and are not as strong than lions in the wild and also male african lions are strong enough to drag a buffalo carcass the average weight of a african buffalo is 1,100 or 2000 pounds thats 3 or 5 times bigger that the average male african lion.[/size]

if some knows the size of the canine teeth and claw size of the lion please post it.

anybody who is reading put your opinion and information of both north american black bear and the african lion because I don't know a lot about lions I just searched the information.[/size]

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Old Ephraim

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Dec 27 15 2:43 AM

Black bears are greatly underestimated. In the only fight that I ever read about between a lion and an American black bear, the bear defeated the lion. It was the big cat who initiated the fight. When it was over, the bear was little damaged and was back in the show immediately. The lion was injured so badly that he had to be put down. 

These fights which took place in captivity have little meaning however. We never know the mental or physical conditions of the animals. Also sex and age are often left unsaid.

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